twenty one pilots - Migraine (Official Video/UK Version)

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A song from the worship band at Five14 Church in Columbus, Ohio featuring vocals from Tyler Joseph and drums from Josh Dun.

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Taxi Cab

"So the hearse ran out of gas
A passenger person grabbed a map
And the driver inside it contrived a new route to save the past
And checked his watch and grabbed a cab
A beautifully planned taxi cap
A cab, had it cleared out back and two men started to unpack

Driving once again
But now this time there were three men
And then I heard one of them say:
I know the night will turn to gray
I know the stars will start to fade
When all the darkness fades away
We had to steal him from his fate
So he could see another day

Then I cracked open my box
Someone must have picked the lock
A little light revealed the spot
Where my fingernails had fought
Then I pushed it open more
Pushing up against the door
Then I sat up off the floor and found the brother we’re searching for

Then there were three men up front
All I saw were backs of heads
And then I asked them am I alive and well or am I dreaming dead
And then one turned around to say:
We’re driving toward the morning sun
Where all your blood is washed away
And all you did will be undone.”

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Twenty One Pilots + Paramore

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